Trust Your Meds program at Pride Pharmacy San Diego

Trust Your Meds Program

Should I Care About What Medications I Am Taking?
Every year dozens of medications go through different formulation changes, new drugs become available for prescription, while existing drugs get approved for the treatment of different and new conditions. The efficacy of your treatment could be impacted both positively and negatively by these changes.
That's why we have created Trust Your Meds, a program that helps you design a medication treatment plan that will give you the most out of the modern advances in drug therapies, while also eliminating “danger zones” in the dispensation of new prescriptions.

Trust Your Meds Programs at Pride Pharmacy

Are All Your Medications and Supplements 
Safe, and Up to Date?

Don’t Guess!
We make sure you are taking the right medications.
How it Works:
  • Bring all the prescriptions, supplements and herbals you are taking 
  • Our trained clinical pharmacist will evaluate
  • You will get results, with suggestions to upgrade and improve your treatment
  • Review is done with the help of your doctor and executed every year to maintain accuracy in your treatment
How do I begin?
  • You can walk-in or call (619) 501-5888 and (619) 877-0707 to schedule an appointment. 
  • Please bring: All prescription medication, Over the counter medication, Dietary supplements, Vitamins and herbals.
Wallet Care

Your Doctor Sends It,
We Double Check-It!
New Prescription? 
Don't put yourself at risk, don'tsuffer through needless side-effects

How it Works:
All new prescriptions get screened against the rest of your medications before dispensing to ensure your safety. If there are any issues with a newly prescribed medication, we call your doctor's office directly to resolve the conflict in prescriptions. 
  • We work on establishing relationships with doctors, which makes us more efficient at solving issues with your care.
How do I begin?
  • Safe Prescribe begins the moment you transfer your prescriptions to Pride Pharmacy.
  • If you have concerns about prescriptions but ar enot a Pride Pharmacy member, you can bring in your meds and we will run a Safe Prescribe screen on them
You do not need to be a Pride Pharmacy member to take advantage of Trust Your Meds.

If you have any questions about our programs or are ready to begin, give us a call at (619) 501-5888 and (619) 877-0707. We will be happy to speak with you.


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