Prescription Synchronization

Taking Multiple Medications?
Sign-up for Prescription Synchronization and Never Worry About Missing Refills Again
Prescription Synchronization consolidates all of your prescriptions, supplements and any other complimentary medications to be refilled on the same day each month. 
Benefits of Medication Synchronization
  • Eliminates the need to order refills every month
  • Take fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • Receive just one medication delivery per month
  • Reduce the potential for gaps in your treatment
How do I Sign up?
  • Schedule a consult with one of our Pride Pharmacy team members by calling (619) 501-5888 and 619-877-0707
  • Bring ALL of your prescriptions, vitamins, supplements and OTC medications 
  • We will determine a monthly Start Date / Fill Date
Is Prescription Synchronization Free?
Yes. Pride Pharmacy's medication synchronization program is free to qualified patients
How do I Know if I Qualify?
If you are taking multiple, on-going monthly medications, or are new to chronic drug therapy you may qualify

  • Consider going through our Trust your Meds program before signing up for Prescription Synchronization
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