Our Pharmacy Programs are Here to Help You Successfully Navigate the Constant Changes Involved in Healthcare: Medications and Health Insurance
To fulfill this we have created two programs, Trust Your Meds and Wallet Care, designed to support you and your family on better paths to health.
Trust Your Meds Programs at Pride Pharmacy

Trust Your Meds Program
Last year the FDA approved a total number of 56 “novel drugs”, every year also, dozens of previously approved drugs get approval for the treatment of new conditions, while other drug makers constantly make changes to their formulations. Add to this daily supplements and herbals to a treatment, and the question arises, how do you know if you are taking the right meds? - You don't, but you can find out with Trust Your Meds

Are All Your Medications and Supplements Safe, and Up to Date?
We make sure you are taking the right medications through a thorough evaluation done with the assistance of your doctor.
Did You Just Get A New Prescription? 
All new prescriptions get screened against the rest of your medications before dispensing to ensure your safety. 

Wallet Care Program at Pride Pharmacy

Wallet Care Program
Health is a priority for all of us, wanting to be healthy should not place a heavy toll on anyone’s financials. Wallet Care was created to assist you as an individual, or you and your family, in the selection and purchasing of a health insurance plan that will fit your specific needs, providing an optimization of benefits and/or a reduction of overall costs.
Do You Have the Right Health Insurance?
Our in-house health insurance expert will match your medical needs to the best health insurance plan.
Are You Paying High Copays?
Waiting To Long For Prescription Approvals?
Our Advanced Plus Prior Authorizations department gets you the lowest available copays for your prescriptions though proven methods.
Let Pride Pharmacy Give You the Personal Care and Better Choices You Deserve
Do you have questions about how we can best help you? Please give us a call at 1 (619) 501-5888


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