Pharmacy Counseling

Have Your Questions Answered About Your Medications and Lifestyle Changes on a One-to-One Basis With Your Clinical Pharmacist

When experiencing any type of temporary health challenge or long term treatment, questions about your medications will come up.
  • Which brands are the best?
  • Why am I having side effects?
  • What are the indications for proper medication administration?
  • Are all of my combined medications safe to take?
  • Do I have better options?
  • Has a new drug come out that can better help me?
  • Do I need to make any changes to my eating, drinking or activities?
  • Ask what are "Metagenics," Are they right for you?
In addition to these questions, lifestyle changes may become a necessary part of daily living. We can help.
Our pharmacists are available when you need them, they will gladly take the time to answer these and many more questions, show you how to properly store and administer your prescribed medications and how to use any supplies necessary for your treatment. Just ask to speak to a pharmacist when you pick up your prescriptions.
If you are taking multiple medications, ask one of our pharmacists about Trust Your Meds, a program that helps you design the safest and most effective medication treatment plan available to you, with the assistance of your Doctor.

Pride Pharmacy Gives You the Better Choices You Deserve

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