Payor Support

Pride Pharmacy provides individualized care for our patients and works to be a part of their treating physicians teams, our goal is to streamline and improve patient care while lowering costs for both patients and physicians.
Payor Benefits
  • Coordination of benefits, pharmacy billing and reimbursement counseling
  • Improved patient health outcomes through patient facing programs and persistent, on-going support
  • Lowering of overall costs due to improved adherence, minimization of waste and reduction of abuse
  • Improvement of Payor-to-Physician relations due to the integration of Pride Pharmacy into the workflow of  physician's teams
Patient Benefits
  • Trust Your Meds Program
    Helps patients update their medication treatment path through yearly evaluations done with the assistance of their prescribing physicians

  • Wallet Care Program
    Assists in patients in the acquiring a proper health insurance plan Lowers medication copays through an Advanced Prior Authorization Department

  • Prescription Synchronization
    Eliminates gaps in the patients medication treatment plan

  • PASS Pack® and Dispill® Pack Medication Packaging
    Adherence at it's best. Makes complex medication therapy manageable

  • Drug Interaction Screening
    Eliminates adverse effects of newly prescribed medications

  • Pharmacy Counseling
  • Disease Management Support
  • We Accept All Major Insurance Plans
Physician Benefits
  • Key Account Managers
    Assigned liaison that builds trust with the prescribing practice

  • Advanced Prior Authorization Department
    Assists physicians in the PA process

  • Patient Medication History Records
    A proper medication history is established for each patient, clinical condition and treatment plan information are readily available to physician's team

  • Safe Prescribe
    Checks against patient medication history records to ensure the accuracy of the prescription. If a conflict arises the prescribing office is contacted immediately to resolve the issue before dispensation

  • Experienced Clinical Pharmacists
    Focused on the improvement a physician's patients treatment path, assisting patients whenever necessary through pharmacy counseling or disease management support.


Work with a pharmacy that prioritizes patient care through carefully designed programs and supports physicians within their practice. Call Pride Pharmacy at 1 (619) 501-5888