New Prescriptions

Have a New Prescription?
There are several ways to have your prescriptions filled at Pride Pharmacy.
(1) If You Have the Paper Prescription Written by Your Doctor:
  • Bring your prescription into Pride Pharmacy, one of our pharmacists will gladly dispense your medication.
(2) Have Your Doctor or Primary Health Care Provider:
  • Call in your prescription in at (619) 501-5888 and 619-877-0707
  • Fax in your prescription at  (619) 501-6888
  • Send your prescription electronically through any ePrescribing system.
  • Send your prescription on-line through our online Rx Submission Form.
  • Download our prescription form in PDF format .
    Fill it out, then fax it to  (619) 501-6888


FREE Prescription Delivery
Have questions about prescriptions? Call us at (619) 501-5888 and 619-877-0707