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Pride Pharmacy San Diego no Longer Offers Compounding

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Dear patients and friends . . . Please take note: Pride Pharmacy San Diego no longer offers compounding services. If you have a need for such service, please ask the pharmacist on staff, they may be able to direct you.

Thank you!
The Pride Pharmacy Team

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Get your flu shot in Hillcrest San Diego, Pride Pharmacy in Hillcrest

The Flu, Flu Shot

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Influenza is a respiratory infection that can cause serious complications, particularly to young children and to older adults. Flu shots are the most effective way to prevent influenza and its complications. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone 6 months of age or older be vaccinated annually against influenza

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AIDS Walk SD 2014 -- Pride Pharmacy Event Booth

AIDS Walk SD 2014 -- Pride Pharmacy Event Booth

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On Saturday, September 27, 2014 over 8,000 individuals, teams, social clubs, local businesses, schools and universities, faith organizations will come together for AIDS Walk/Run to remember those who have been lost to the disease and raise funds to support the more than 20,000 San Diegans living with HIV/AIDS. Please join us for San Diego’s largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event and be part of this incredible experience.

7:45 am The 10K Run will begin at University Ave and Harvey Milk St.

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Pride Pharmacy Introduces "PASS Pack" the simple strip package solution

Pride Pharmacy Introduces "PASS Pack" the Simple Strip Package Solution

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PASS Pack organizes all of your medications into a simple strip package. You will always know what to take next — and when to take it — because each pack is labeled with the date, day of week and time of administration. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who takes medication regularly.

Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packets in cycles ranging from 30 days to 24 hours. It's convenient, practical and easy to use.

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Pride Pharmacy Now Offers Prescription Synchronization

Pride Pharmacy Now Offers Prescription Synchronization

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Pride Pharmacy is pleased to announce the addition of Prescription Synchronization to our list of patient services. Prescription Synchronization is a convenient, new way to have all your prescriptions filled on the same day each month eliminating multiple trips to the pharmacy or the necessity to keep track of multiple packages arriving at home.

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