Pride Pharmacy Launches Wallet Care Program

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Pride Pharmacy announces the launch of it’s free money saving and health insurance aid program named Wallet Care. Wallet Care assists every day individuals and families in the selection and purchasing of a health insurance plan that will fit their needs, providing an optimization of benefits and/or a reduction of overall costs. Wallet Care also introduces them to Advanced Plus Prior Authorizations, where a dedicated team of prior authorization experts works on their behalf to acquire the best available pricing for their medications, reducing their existing copays.
Pride Pharmacy understands that health is a priority, and believes that wanting to be healthy, should not place a heavy toll on anyone’s financials.

The Wallet Care Program at Pride Pharmacy Consists Of

Intends to solve the problem of selecting the right insurance for the very specific needs of an individual or a family, through a consultation with an independent insurance expert.

Intends to eliminate high copays for prescription medications through a specialized effort done by an in-house advocacy team, that also reduces wait times for prescription approvals.

You don't need to be a member of Pride Pharmacy to use the free Wallet Care program, but you are welcomed to join and experience our "Taking Care of People First" philosophy.

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